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NJK Short Course is much calmer than last year (UPDATED 17-1-2012)

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For NJK short course of last year, was also on this site, a lot of debate about the limits and the number of participants.
The policy of flexible limits set by the KNZB and thereby creating an incentive for young swimmers had resulted in a number of participants that was almost impossible to handle. Luckily it was chaos afterwards and was especially praised talked about the solutions that the organization in collaboration with the KNZB had found.
To ensure that the number of participants in Dordrecht in 2011 NJK would not really be too big, it was decided a maximum number of participants per program number to handle. These limits, determined by the number of members of the National Junior Short Course, was obviously an unpopular measure, but one that turned out certainly necessary. NJK in Dordrecht was eventually crowded but well manageable.

In order not to repeat again, all the troubles from 2011 in 2012 it was decided to tighten. Limits to NJK's for this season In some ages but limited, in other ages very sturdy, especially the girls and boys junior juniors 2 3. With only two weeks to go before closing the limit period, we can draw up a provisional balance sheet and is all to say that a 2012 National Junior Short Course will be compared to last year. calmer
On are now the limits back on the page limit , which we also take into account the minimum set number of participants per program 8. Were at the National Junior Short Course 2011 at virtually all distances are 20 + swimmers who had reached the limit , for the 2012 National Junior Short Course are a whopping 20 distances less than 8 swimmers who managed to reach the sharp limits. At both the junior girls and two boys in the juniors, there are three to seven of the 12 numbers needed to get. Full series rankings

Obtained limits NJWK 2012 by January 3, 2012

Possibly it may be, or a minimum of 16 participants is no better option is to get the partitions on the junior age groups are more balanced towards the NJK looked in the summer

UPDATE 16-1-2012: We tried to process all the results of the winter circuit championships and our knowledge, the rankings now complete.
Obviously there at the last moment a lot of limits taken, allowing 13 more distance there now remain with the rankings needed to get. A series full
In terms of distribution of those distances over the ages has not changed much, both girls 1999 (4 distances) and the boys from 1997 (5 distances) remain the hardest ages 'hit'. This becomes even clearer if one looks at the total number of limits achieved by age:
Boys 1996: 207 limits
Boys 1997: 115 limits
Boys 1998: 528 limits
Boys 1999: 209 * limits
Girls 1998: 340 limits
Girls, 1999: 168 limits
Girls 2000: 256 * limits
* In the youngest age groups is not 50vrij, 200vlinder and 400wissel swim, which would be a 60 50vrij certainly good range limits given the distribution in other ages

Looking at the success why the Dutch Juniors struggle to get the current limits, then it is of course no surprise that the top is 200m Fly (total boys and girls, all ages (5) together, only 28 limits. Among the distances swim at all ages, the 200m breaststroke with 89 limits the least busy, closely followed by the 100m with 91 limits achieved Total limits achieved across all ages and distances:. 1822 In comparison. NJK for Terneuzen were 3152 limits are reached.

Obtained limits NJWK 2012 entire limit period

UPDATE 17-1-2012: The KNZB site is an extra line added to the register on the basis of the rankings at distances where less than 8 swimmers have reached the limit: With less than 8 participants KNZB will invite the next swimmers.
When registering for the NJK so organizations should ONLY swimmers who have met the limit time to register. Subscribe to swimmers over the limit as time will always result in an administrative fee / penalty.

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  1. KNZB the limits for NJK 2011 KB pretty limp put last year. With a very busy due to the tournament, I see in the above piece that it's all still good has expired.

    Regarding the limits for NJK KB 2012, which are still put a lot sharper it has not been wise to tighten. Limits to

    Only the trots KNZB in my opinion a bit by now, as have met the limit, less than 8 swimmers in 19 (!) Distances and thus the ranking there must be caught. What is then the use of a limit? Then pick just the best 8,16,24 of the Netherlands concerning distance.

    In my opinion you do something wrong, take but one example Boys 100m freestyle juniors 3 (1997) last year, 106 boys took part in 1997 in the 100m freestyle. This year, the number reduced to 16!
    This year there are 90 so guys who have not reached the limit, it is logical that there are fewer participants, KNZB wanted a large influx, which continues to thin out. But this seems a bit exaggerated to me really.

  2. @ Nicky: Your example is exactly what we have been raised with the KNZB.
    From 106 to 16 is also overshot the target in our eyes.
    And we were able to announce this at the announcement of the limits, just looking at the times that the year 1996 had swum the previous year.
    A quick look at the 100m free times of the boys 1996 between 1-1-2010 and 15-1-2011 teaches us that would have to the limit., Only 19 met with the present limits even in the boys 1996
    That is where the circle or winter championships in 2011, so possible that the 16 year 1997 there will be some more.

    And in all this we are talking about the clearance, the most frequently occupied stroke.
    Take the 100m breaststroke at the 1997 boys over the counter is currently at 7 and had also ended seven swimmers qualified for the 1996 National Junior Short Course with the current limits last year with the boys.

  3. @ Martin

    And what was the reaction of the KNZB this? Because I assume that they can not deny that there have been made. In determining both the limits of 2011 and for the limits of error 2012

    Is not it much smarter to simply abolish the limits? Or make without looking at mss tables but simply the best 24 of the previous year, and then make a margin? Limit

  4. KNZB should look to their limit policy tight.
    Short Course: NJK Dordrecht 2009: a busy schedule, but in terms of scientific throughput. NJK Heerenveen 2010: too sharp limits => emergency least two series. NJK Terneuzen 2011: too many swimmers.
    Now NJK Amsterdam 2012: reasonable numbers series, but sometimes really little swimmers with limits thus replenishing the series to full.

    Uhm .... Last year was the argument that NJK grassroots entemeert. Now we have another little series so apparently we go yet again for a realistic turnaround / stricter limits. I do not understand. Anything
    The policy limit drifts so. Of normal (2009) for string (2010) to weak (2011) with Stenger to be solid impact in some volumes (2012).

    Why do not we learn from the mistakes of our past. Establish limits at a level that is real / looks, based on the rankings of the previous years.
    Not only in MSS!! Go again become tighter, which are, after all, based on the best 10 swimmers in the world and going back driven swim faster MSS levels with the results of LZR 3 and similar suits :)
    If you have 2 months / 6 weeks for NK or NJK or NKS (senior swimmers) turns out that a mistake has been made, resulting in too much or too little swimmers, nothing in your way to the limits a half or one level to tighten or too weak. Especially when you report this to the pre-publication of the limits.
    And make up to x series .... mi is not a motivator. I would like athlete proud of myself when I got in the (revised) limit all by itself.

    My response to the broad limits NJK 2011 KB Terneuzen last year

    So ... a proposal .....
    The limits of freestyle and medley one (or half) niveautje tighten and the 200 butterfly and 400 exchange one (or half) niveautje lower. Target numbers of participants, the number of series and the duration of the sessions to manageable nivieaus back. Publish to publish the limits an additional rule / regulation:
    if the potential number of participants there six weeks before the competition admits the following limits for the respective battles with half or one level tightened / easier.
    For the 200 butterfly and 400 exchange become feasible. Limits The results of the limit games we see now recognized 200m butterfly specialists to chew on the limit, (just do not pick up on a few seconds) that can not be the intention! If that is no longer the NJK KB Terneuzen can be happy for NJK Dordrecht and future NJKs NKs!! End of reaction

    Pity mi a missed opportunity for the KNZB.

  5. Agree with Frank ...

    Now have self swimmers boys junior 2 and 3 are together. Almost zefde stature equal. Which jun. 2 are almost linieten fetches swim backwards (Table F), and 3 (Table E) thus about as hard swim does not come close to the limit. Did the boys and girls who do go swimming NJK told that if the policy has not changed, they have to take into account that they might be able to swim in the NJK next year. And therefore need extra "enjoy" now. Because the pleasure to be able to do many of my swimmers important than any podium. (Olympic thoughts)

    I hear Titus say the clinic in Brakel motivation that is the key. What works to measure it more motivating than yourself with your peers on the highest platform in the Netherlands Remains for many swimmers not much hope in a recollection in decision

    Debate has been going on, also regarding the LOOT statuses. When you come around the school to look at the number of students LOOT. And you look at certain sports how many have a real LOOT status, or how easy they are to get compared to the sport of swimming is saddening to see. Ridiculous to have what you cling on the basis of international players in sponsored "fast" clothing tables. We teach our swimmers that they should not compare. Themselves with themselves Can we indeed do not look in the Netherlands in recent years. And then establish limits bassist of such data. Seems to me very simple right?

    idd very missed opportunity .....

  6. KNZB "pulls" the weather. Sorry no other words for it. Change the rules during the game at the expense of girls 12/13 years. The limit in the 200 freestyle for NJK is tightened by 5 seconds!! What are they doing? Not with the swimmers in this age, that's for sure, but we also knew at the beginning of the season when the limits for this group were three double sharpened. KNZB .... where K stands for that? And why not explain or find the bigwigs giving an explanation for this sharpening down to their level?

    25 girls had and limit now only nine. No. 10 and 11 had 3 days a limit and now them again decreased by KNZB. Really incredible!

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