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Ranomi Kromowidjojo

Ranomi Kromowidjojo

Today it was time for the blog Ranomi Kromowidjojo in the Telegraph. A week back from Tenerife, she picked up the normal life in the Netherlands. She had her first driving test last week. Friday Her first, because unfortunately it failed at 1x, so a couple of weeks they should go try again. And return of relative isolation as a training camp, she is also confronted with all the problems surrounding the bathing suits and the list of FINA . In her blog tells Ranomi that they prefer not interfered with the discussion, but they do last weekend has caught on something to do with this discussion, namely the cost of the "fast suits": ranomiweblog

I always laugh when people claim to believe regularly dollars to count in guilders, because hello, it's been so long! And yet I caught myself just as I thought of all the parents who have just purchased. Such 'forbidden' suit for their child A swimsuit brand Jaked costs converted more than 800 guilders. I had used about 400 times the car of my father wash, or worse, at least eight birthdays with it!

The entire blog can be found on the website of the Telegraph .

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  1. Nice story to read, no more. For swimmers Verhaeren had the suit free of Jaked and also in swimming at the Swim Cup. And records swum so, so weird tie.

  2. The situation becomes more and more obscure. see the following message on swimming chronicle.

    Chances are that the 'infamous' swimsuits Jaked 01 and Arena X-Glide, which recently numerous world records have improved, may be in the swimming world championships in Rome. Worn without modifications FINA director Cornel Marculescu showed Thursday that hinted at a press conference in Lausanne,

    FINA thinks that may be advanced to the address of polyurethane. Legally only real rules are made as of January 1, 2010 It is suspected that the extra buoyancy generated by holding a layer of air. However, this could not be scientifically demonstrated. "On the body"

    The world swimming federation tested the 'fast' products from numerous manufacturers recently thickness and buoyancy. To measure the permeability or tightness of the material under race conditions, the deficit was day. FINA approved a dozen suits and ordered changes of several other, including the world of outfits among others Marleen Veldhuis, Frederick Bousquet and Alain Bernard. According Marculescu is a ban on the "opblaaspak 'short term probably not feasible.

  3. That's right. Rejected packs are re-tested in the past week and if there is no scientific basis for the rejection becomes available, then the deal will probably still allowed to include the World Cup. If it is good, there is now more information available from FINA.

    See also the bit about re-testing the deprecated address last Tuesday.

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