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Hoge raad in Nieuw Zeeland staat nieuwe badpakken toe

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Blue70In de voortgaande ontwikkeling van snelle pakken heeft BlueSeventy vandaag een overwinning behaald die de zwemwereld op z’n kop zal zetten. De Hoge raad heeft besloten dat per direct 3 nieuwe badpakken toegelaten moeten worden in competitie. Het betreft hierbij pakken die onder de namen Hulk suit, Super suit en Spider suit op de markt gebracht zullen worden. Het volledige persbericht :

Blueseventy has received a supreme court ruling today declaring that the swimming governing body’s rule regarding suits has no legal grounds, and that their suits may now be worn by swimmers competing on the world stage.

The ruling coincides with the new release of three new cutting edge designs from the New Zealand based swimming brand.

The DC, “Design Confidential”, range of swimskins have been announced with claims of incredible super powers, much like the suits names: The Hulk, The Super Suit, and the Spidery Suit.

The Hulk Suit, is designed to offer chemical assistance to the swimmer, through the power of anger. The suit uses nano technology to improve performance, triggered by hormones in the body produced when the person becomes angry, drastically increasing the power of the swimmer.

The Super Suit is developed with a small cap on the back, which acts as a wing like structure creating lift in the water and allowing the swimmer to “fly”.

The Spider Suit uses a weave of web like tendrils around the body, vastly improving the explosive power of an athlete, enabling the swimmer to leap effortlessly off the blocks almost 10m into the pool.

Blueseventy’s director of genetic research, April Hoodwink, commented, “Already estimations indicate that the new law, and resulting suits, would see the old 2009 world records become obsolete within days.

De Hulk, de Spider en de Super

De Hulk, de Spider en de Super

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  1. He Martin, leuke 1 April grap!! Vleugels en langepijpen, adrenaline verhogende badpakstof!!! Errug grappig.

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