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Milorad Cavic maakt resultaten bloedonderzoek bekend op internet

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cavic1Het zou naief zijn als we dachten dat er in de zwemsport geen doping wordt gebruikt, iedere sport heeft hier mee te kampen en zwemmen is geen uitzondering. Meest bekende gevallen zijn uiteraard de DDR en Chinese parktijken en Michelle Smit die Atlanta 1996 maar liefst 3x goud en 1x zilver won (goud op 200/400wissel en 400vrij, zilver op de 200vlinder) om vervolgens in 1998 gepakt te worden op het gebruik van Androstenedione.

Ook bij de huidige toppers is regelmatig de vraag gesteld of zij hun prestaties wel ‘clean’ neerzetten. Een van de mensen die in het verleden beticht is van dopingebruik is Milorad Cavic, die na zijn verassende wereldrecord op de 100vlinder (korte baan) in 2003 direct verdacht werd. Ook na zijn zilver op de Olympische spelen in Beijing staken de geruchten over dopinggebruik weer de kop op, al hadden die vast sterker geweest als hij 0.02 sneller was geweest.

In een reactie op dit alles heeft Milorad besloten zich te onderwerpen aan een onafhankelijk bloed onderzoek en de resultaten daarvan openbaar te maken. Daarmee wil hij aantonen dat zijn prestaties in ieder geval zijn toe te schrijven aan arbeid in het water en een goede levensstijl daarbuiten. :

“A healthy diet and working out go hand in hand when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, but in order to get the best results out of yourself whether it be in or out of the pool, taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do to ensure the continuity of your success. Many people, or in this context athletes, live similar lifestyles as I do, probably even better lifestyles if they’re strong enough to resist all the sweets which is a known “Achilles Heel” of mine. This way of life has helped us push ourselves to new limits and its positive results are constantly driving us forward to be better…

But what if a healthy way of living simply isn’t yielding the kind of results that you want? What if we you getting better, but not at the rate that you’d like? Like in the famous “Star Wars” movie trilogy, that which is impossible under the powers of “The Force” (or this case healthy living), is sometimes possible if turn to the methods of the “Dark Side”.

The reality which I face every day of my life in swimming is that doping is very much real and that it’s a constant threat that is difficult to contain or fight. For those who dope in sports, “Cities, Altius, Fortius”, otherwise, “Faster, Higher, Stronger” is merely several pills or injections away from instant results. The “Dark Side” is secretly among us and the drug testing systems that are in place are flawed. They are being beaten every day and although we know this, little is being done to fight it, or be one-step ahead of the game.

One thing that has always irritated me was the negative stigma that followed after winning a medal on the international stage. Clearly, “just” passing a urinary test isn’t enough to convince fanatics in each sport from thinking that that winner somehow cheated the system. Although no one said anything to my face during or after the Olympics, I know that it was a circulating story after I unexpectedly broke the 100 SCM Butterfly World Record in 2003. It’s an absolute reality that all athletes are facing…

Things have to change though… and if it’s going to, I volunteer that it start with me and the help of the University of Modena’s “Positivo alla Salute” (Positive from Health) movement. What is this movement you may ask? We are trying to help “clean” sports by introducing “Blood Passports”. In the last 6 months I have given blood twice, every 3 months, in order to retain a “Clean Passport”. To clarify, each sample of blood will show if any illegal activity has been done, and it must be repeated every 3 months to show that we’re legitimate.

Why am I doing this you ask? Swimming is my life and everything in my life revolves around the hopes and dreams I have in this sport. Like most, I dedicated my life to what I do and have made many unfavorable sacrifices along the way… I believe the least I deserve is honesty and legitimacy in that which I’ve given so much time and energy into. Below you can find a link to Positivo alla Salute’s website, along with the analysis to my blood work. Help us in our campaign to rid the poison that plagues our world. ”

De resultaten van het bloedonderzoek zijn te vinden op de site van de Universiteit van Modena. Helaas is die site alleen in het Italiaans te bekijken, maar de testresultaten onderaan zijn toch wel aardig te ontcijferen.

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  1. Tja. Leuk idee. Maar of je met het publiceren van een hematocrietwaarde van 50.4 nu aan alle roddels een einde maakt, waag ik te betwijfelen.

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